Course Structure

Semester I
Digital Computer and Microprocessor
Mathematical Statistics
Indian Constitution
Problem Solving Technique
Programming in C
Programming in C Lab
Web Technology Lab
Microprocessor Lab
Semester II
Human Rights and Environment
Data Structures
Business Communication
Discrete Mathematical Structures
Software Engineering
Data Structures Lab
C++ Lab
IoT Lab
Semester III
Personality Development and Communication Skills
Verbal Ability
Database and Management Systems
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Java Lab
Semester IV
Advanced Java Programming
Operating System
Computer Networks
Mathematical Thinking and Logical Reasoning
Advanced Java Lab Lab
Software Testing Lab
Semester V
Cloud Computing
System Programming
Advanced Web technology
Mobile Application Design & Development Lab
Python Lab
Mini Project
Elective - I
Data Warehousing
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Graphics
Semester VI
Object Oriented System Design
Cyber Security
Elective - II
Big Data
Machine Learning
Image Processing
Major Project